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Private Coaching for Couples

Do you desire more love, more respect, more passion, more fire, more deepening into intimacy?


Are the past arguments and the wounding, stopping you from connecting with your partner?


Do you desire to create your own real-life romance novel that’s filled with turn on, pleasure, ecstasy and bliss?


A relationship that burns hot with desire, while simultaneously providing trust and safety for you to drop into your wild, primal, carnal sexual self, feeling the liberation, the sovereignty, the expansion into the magical orgasmic being that you are?

Connecting with your mission here on this earth, to experience pleasure, joy, your divinity and seeing the divinity in your partner.


Both becoming royal, magical, orgasmic beings, who honor and worship one another.

Holding each other in the highest regard, and devoted to one another in your pursuit of pleasure. Transcending your relationship into a realm of ecstasy.


This is for couples who desire ecstatic practices, pleasure and orgasms that send you into the stratosphere, beyond space and time, into the cosmos where there is no past or future but only a moment where pure ecstasy and bliss is available.


I want you to know that through pleasure all things are possible.


It allows us to have a life that fills us up, that we are proud of, that leaves a legacy of richness, relishing, ravishing and oh so delicious, down to the very last drop.

Sustaining relationships over time can be challenging.


In your coaching sessions with me you get to explore how to fuel your relationship so that it may last.

We do this through a variety of sacred pleasure practices that reconnect you to the fire, the romance, the passion, and each other.


Rediscovering and returning to one another without expectations, only the desire to connect on a more intimate level.

This is for couples who…


miss the relationship they once had


want to heal from wounding and resentments so that they can come back together

are curious around tantra, polyamory, kink and any other modalities that spice up your relationship

relationships are steady, but they love the idea of adding fuel to the fire


desire to fall into deeper connection, intimacy and carnal abandon

In couples coaching I will give you tools to help you both be better communicators and lovers. 


Finding ways to move past the resentment and pain.

Returning to love, compassion and acceptance for you and your partner. 

Holding one another in deep connection and intimacy.


In the sacred sexuality practices you will be muted and your camera will be off, as I gently guide you through some beautiful connection and intimacy practices, returning fire, love and connectedness to your relationship.


There is also an option to receive guided audio to do your practices as home play.

I offer couples coaching for all genders, orientations and relationship types. 


It is my desire to help others navigate these difficult decisions that can come up in Relationship or find ways to avoid them all together by creating conscious open relationships.


Ones that nurture and grow the couple instead of shutting them down.


I have experience in polyamourous and open relationships navigating things like jealousy and working towards compersion. Feeling turn on and excitement when your partner plays with others instead of jealousy. 


I offer a safe, grounded, non judgemental space. I hold space for my clients to process and return to love over and over again. Love for themselves, love for the partners.

3 months x 1600/month, 4400 paid in full

6 months x 1400/month, 8200 paid in full

Book your Complimentary Couples Coaching Clarity Call to see if working together feels aligned today.

"April is an amazing coach - words can hardly describe the changes in my life. Her knowledge, experience and somatic based Tantric practices have allowed me to expand in ways that I could not imagine.


My wife of 35 years and I are just opening up ourselves in intimacy with others. This major transition in our lives has occurred simultaneously with regular coaching sessions. April helped me discover aspects of my male sexuality that I have hidden away for decades. I feel like I am finally "growing up” and becoming the best possible version of myself.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do and what you bring to this world."

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